Using the Service

The Shuttle provides a quick and convenient connection for business travellers from the Science Area to Old Road Campus and Harwell Campus. It is not open to the open to the public. The service is not free to use and costs £2.80 per trip on ST1 and £1.40 per trip on ST2. As the service is not a registered, public bus, fares cannot be sold on the shuttle bus and must be pre-purchased. To travel on the service, you must be in possession of a card or ticket as set-out below:

University of Oxford employees

Upon boarding the bus, employees must present to the driver either:

  • a pre-registered University Identity Card (you can register your card here).
  • a Departmental pool card; or
  • a single use pre-paid paper ticket available to purchase online here.

Full details and costs of accessing the shuttle for business are available here.

Harwell Campus employees

Employees of organisations based at Harwell must present to the driver either:

  • A Harwell Campus Gold Card; or
  • A single use pre-paid ticket available to purchase online here.

Harwell Campus Gold Cards are currently held by and for the sole use of the following organisations:




Marta Mordarska

STFC – RAL Space

Michelle King

STFC – Technology

Glyn Northing


Linda Miles


Debbie Loader


Helen Walker


Sharon Cosgrove


Emma Belcher

STFC – Nat Labs

Sue Carter

STFC – Finance

Hina Padhiar

Medical Research Council

Helen Ward

Diamond Light Source

Laura Attewell

Harwell Campus JV

Rosy Von Sternberg


Susan Jones

Public Health England

Paul Barty

Satellite Applications Catapult

Helen Kelly

Please contact if you wish to purchase a Harwell Campus Gold card for your organisation.

Although the service is primarily intended to connect business journeys, it can be used for commuting by University staff, University students and employees of organisations based at Harwell Campus. A single use ticket or commuter card must be presented to the driver upon boarding the vehicle.

Single Use Trips

Paper tickets are available to purchase in books of 5, 10 and 25 single use trips here and can be collected from University Offices (Wellington Square, OX1 2JD) or the Atlas Centre reception (Fermi Avenue, Harwell Campus, OX11 0QS). A single use trip will be required for each one-way journey. Books of 5 and 10 single trips can be purchased from the University Club, Mansfield Road, Oxford, OX1 3SZ. Individual paper tickets are also on sale individually at the Electron café in the Electron Building, Fermi Ave, Harwell OX11 0QR (cash only).

Science Transit Shuttle season ticket

University of Oxford employees can purchase a 13 week or 52 week season ticket commuter card. More information is available here.

Employees of organisations based at Harwell Campus can purchase a 13 week or 52 week season ticket commuter card here. Please allow one working day before collecting from the Atlas Centre reception at Fermi Ave, Harwell Campus, OX11 0QS with the order receipt and a staff ID card proving that you work at Harwell Campus.

Improving connectivity between the Science Area, Old Road Campus and Harwell Campus

The Science Transit Shuttle commenced 18th July 2016 to improve connectivity and is funded as a one year pilot by the University of Oxford, HIFE and the Science & Technologies Facilities Council (STFC). It provides a frequent and express minibus service connecting the Science Area with Old Road Campus in Headington and Harwell Campus near Didcot. This enables academics, research staff and business people to move quickly and conveniently between these cutting edge scientific and clinical research facilities, helping to spur interaction, investment and commercial innovation between the academic and business communities.

Conditions to Carriage

To maintain a fresh and pleasant experience aboard the shuttle, please:

  • do not consume any form of hot food whilst travelling
  • for safety reasons, hot drinks are permitted only if the container is fitted with a spill-resistant safety lid
  • take care when consuming hot beverages during transit
  • take any litter away with you
  • advise the driver of you have spilt anything
  • no smoking, vaping or e cigarettes”

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